'Maybe Asperger's or Autism', Robbie Williams Never Officially Diagnosed

Published June 29th, 2018 - 09:24 GMT
Robbie Williams (Twitter)
Robbie Williams (Twitter)

Robbie Williams thinks he might have autism.

The 'Candy' hitmaker is convinced he's been suffering with the lifelong developmental disability, which affects how people perceive the world and interact with others, since he was a child because he has some "interesting compulsions, addiction and mental illnesses" but he's never been officially diagnosed by a medical professional.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday (06.28.18) night, the 44-year-old singer said: "There's something missing in me, I have big blind spots. Maybe Asperger's or autism. I don't know what spectrum I'm on - I'm on something. It's hard work being in my head - I have an interesting compulsion, addiction, mental illness, I'd say."

But the 'Let Me Entertain You' singer has noticed that his condition has got better since he became a father to Teddy, five, and Charlton, three, whom he has with his wife Ayda Field, because he's more open to accepting different opportunities now.



He explained: "I would have that if I was Robbie Williams the pop star or Robert Williams the labourer. It does get easier. I feel like I wasn't someone who had the capabilities to take on-board the opportunities life had given me.

"I seem to be filling my shoes a bit more, especially since the kids have arrived. I'm like, 'OK, this is me. It's a wonderful life, let's get on with it'."

Robbie - who has battled with alcohol addiction in the past - was forced to check into rehab in 2007 after he took a concoction of speed, acid, heroin, cocaine and "heart-stopping" amounts of prescription drugs and mixed it with bottles of booze.

The lethal mix left him just "24 hours from death" at the time and, although he's proud of himself for his sobriety, Robbie has admitted he really has to keep on top of his thoughts because he has noticed that he has addictive tendencies.

He explained recently: "I can be addicted to anything. At the moment I'm addicted to a game called 'Gummy Blocks'. I'm addicted to the internet, I'm addicted to an awful lot of things. I have to tend to that stuff and if I don't tend to that stuff I get in trouble."

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