MENA movies to look out for in 2013

Published January 10th, 2013 - 04:01 GMT
Egyptian actor Ahmad Helmi.
Egyptian actor Ahmad Helmi.

This year is set to become a better one for Arab mainstream cinema. Due to the ongoing political instability in Egypt, 2012 saw plenty of shoot delays, film projects cancelled, and poor results at the box office. Ahmad Ezz and Ahmad Al Sakka dominated with their thriller Al Maslaha; but by Arab box-office standards, the EGP25 million revenue (Dh14.9 million) it brought in was nothing compared to previous years (or the stars’ previous blockbusters).

Also notable last year was the absence of some of the region’s biggest cinematic heavyweights - such as the other two Ahmads: Helmy and Mekky. Thankfully, the duo are back this year, with critics expecting their efforts to do well.

Tabloid! brings you a round-up of the movies confirmed for 2013 so far.


Ala Gothety

Helmy is back! Arguably the king of the big screen returns this month with a brand new production.

Entitled Ala Gothety (Over My Dead Body), the comedy tells the story of Raouf who after suffering an accident falls into a coma. During the time he is under, his soul wanders among his family and friends, resulting in him getting to know what they really think of him. Expect plenty of laughs.

The movie also stars Ghada Adel, Hassan Hosney and Ayten Amer.

Release date: January 2013


El Hafla

With his last film Helm Aziz receiving mixed reviews, Ahmad Ezz needs to get back on the top of his game, and he might just do that with this upcoming thriller.

The Egyptian heartthrob has teamed up again with director Ahmad Alaa (they first worked together on Badal Faked) to star in El Hafla (The Party), also featuring

Jumana Murad, Mohammad Ragab, Ahmad El Saadani and Ruby.

Although not much has been revealed about the production so far, the teaser trailer shows Ahmad playing a character whose his wife goes missing after the Egyptian revolution.

Release date: Summer/Eid 2013


Ibn El Neel

Another favourite in the Arab movie world is Ahmad Mekky, who has acieved great success with films that poke fun at society, using pop culture references plenty of youth (and adults) can relate to.

The Egyptian actor has begun shooting Ibn El Neel (Son of the Nile) with director Amr Arafa in Cairo.

No information has been made available on what the story of Ibn El Neel is; however, rumour has it Nicole Saba, Dina El Shirbeny, Mohammad Lotfi, Alaa Morsi and Hussien El Emam have also signed on to the project. Meanwhile, it will be produced by media giant Mohammad El Sobky.

Release date: Summer/Eid 2013


El Garsonaira

Her films fare really badly, yet for some reason she still gets approached to do them. Yep, we’re talking about Ghada Abdel Razeq.

Following a few humdingers - notably Bonne Soiree and Reklam - the actress has signed on to star in El Garsonaira (The Waitress), a thriller which will be shot in real-time in one room.

Considering filming has already been delayed three times, we’re not quite sure when El Garsonaira will be completed... but frankly, we doubt anyone is that excited to see it.

Release date: TBC


Tom & Jimmy

Another actor that has committed crimes against cinema is without a doubt Hani Ramzy, whose films are, well, just not funny at all.

His latest “comedy” will be Tom & Jimmy, which is currently being shot in Cairo and Alexandria. Hassan Hosney also stars.

Release date: TBC


Qasr El Baron

Following her return to the small screen on Al Haya TV, Razan Moughrabi has now signed on to star in a horror movie.

The Lebanese presenter/actress/singer will appear in Qasr El Baron (The Baron’s Palace), which is centered around the real-life mysterious palace in Cairo’s Heliopolis district that’s rumoured to be haunted.

Although the movie’s other stars are yet to be revealed, Qasr El Baron was written by Taha El Hakim, and will be directed by Karim Nicola.

Razan made her acting debut alongside Ahmed El Sakka in the 2006 action thriller Harb Atalia.

Release date: TBC


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