The Menu a delicious absurdity

Published March 2nd, 2023 - 04:55 GMT
the menu a delicious absurdity

ALBAWABA-The Menu is filled with symbolism and I just love it, I love symbolism in art where a small detail or word would symbolize an entire philosophy, story, or even foreshadow an event. In our case the immaculate and exuberant dishes that are served to the unfortunate guests.

the menu

The guests for this evening are all too familiar in our day and age, as you may know, this movie is a satire, it pokes fun and sheds light on the guests who each represent a group of society to some extent. They all share the fact that they are entitled consumers. The critic, the corrupt finance trio, the wealthy couple, and Tyler the consumer who intellectually knows every detail in the cooking process but can't partake in the art of cooking himself. 

You would think that the trailer would give you a clue on where the movie is headed but you will be sorely mistaken, I was actually impressed that the trailer did a great job in conveying the theme and feel of the movie without giving away any plot points.

The movie does a great job at pointing its satire at the different stratus of people nowadays content consumption is what society lives for it is what feeds our youth and society is now divided between content creation and content consumption.

The menu literally creates the food and the guests consume it and from the point of view of Chef the art is wasted on the unworthy.

the menu

I will not spoil the movie, the progression of events is always unpredictable. However, the movie is not a horror movie but rather a thriller and one that provokes thought and deeper meaning behind each scene and dish.

In my opinion, the movie does a great job differentiating between power and real power where the chef holds real power over the powerful guests, you see the guests react to being the victim for the first time in their life and I think this is the reason why chef invited them to be a part of this dinner.

the menu


In conclusion, the formidable acting accompanied by the powerful script and the hilarious satire all wrapped up in the thriller genre worked really well for the menu.


written by Munir Abumuhor

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