Millions spent on Eid Al Fitr concerts

Published September 22nd, 2009 - 05:41 GMT

This year’s Eid El Fitr, Muslim holiday after Ramadan, witnessed numerous concerts across the Arab world. The demand this year was mainly for Lebanese and Syrian singers unlike the past years where Egyptian singers had a higher demand.


According to the UAE based daily, Al Bayan, the rates and wages singers charged this year for their performances was exaggerated and exceeded all wages given to similar performances in the past. Lebanese singers Elissa and Fadel Shaker held a joint concert at the Mina al Salam hotel in Dubai. Each singer received a wage of 200 thousand US dollars for their performances.

Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoughbi  received 150 thousand US dollars for her concert, Assi Al Hilani 125 thousands and Iraqi singer Majid al Muhandis 100 thousands. Each of the singers had held a performance at the Mina in Dubai during the Eid holiday.

Lebanese signer/actress Nicole Saba received 35 thousands US dollars for her performance at a private wedding in one of the hotels in Egypt.


Egyptian singer Shireen Abdul Wahab had also charged a rate of 200 thousand US dollars for her performance on the third day of Eid al Fitr in Kuwait alongside Fadel Shaker, who charged 180 thousands for his appearance.  The list of exaggerated wages goes on and on making this year holiday concerts the  most expensive.

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