Mohammed Tharwat Finds Beauty of love

Published September 13th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian singer Mohammed Tharwat has recently surprised his audience with the cassette on which the late renowned Egyptian musician and singer Mohammed Abdel Wahhab had recorded a musical part of his new song Al Jamil Fil Hubb (Beauty of love).  

The song was the last poem written by Maamoun Al Shinwa before he died. 

“I decided to wrap up the song by entrusting musician Farouq Al Sharnoubi with that task in order to produce the song in its best possible form as the late singer wanted,” Tharwat told the UAE daily Al Bayan adding that Abdel wahhab recorded his ideas in order to compose a song but his health condition prevented him from doing so and he died before implementing his plan. 

Tharwat is gearing up to release a new album including songs composed by Sharnoubi, Ibrahim Rajab and Riyadh Al Hamshari. The album includes the songs Ya Helm Al Omr Ruddi (My Dreams, Answer) written by Rida Amin and Mish Thekrayatak Di (Aren’t These Your Memories) written by Medhat Al Adel in addition to a sad poem written by Rida Amin. The singer is also gearing up to perform in a new TV series directed by Raed Labib and written by Medhat Yousef. 

Tharwat revealed that he had nixed participation in summer concerts, which were performed on the Marina Theater at the northern coast because as he claimed “the audience of such concerts are not good listeners. The summer audience comes to attend concerts performed by young singers where dancing takes place on the tunes of songs which I am not good at. Many prominent singers share me this idea including Hani Shaker who also nixed singing at summer concerts because these were not the types that fit him. 

“I have decided to return to the traditional form of singing which depends on the song words written by the poet which are then referred to the singer who chooses the composer. These are the traditions of the successful singing work. I admit that I was unhappy with the modern and other forms, which depend on the musical tunes on which words have to be based upon, or the imitation of a western tune, which is shot with, the statements based upon later on. This is similar to what I did in the song Tir A’la Al Afrah (Fly Over Joyfulness) which is a foreign song modified by poet Omar Btaishah to suit our Eastern nature -- 

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