Mustafa Fahmi and Yousra tie the knot in new show

Published March 5th, 2013 - 02:29 GMT
Yousra is reuniting with Mustafa Fahmi in a new drama
Yousra is reuniting with Mustafa Fahmi in a new drama

Mustafa Fahmi and Yousra will co-star as a dysfunctional husband and wife in a new television drama Nakul Al Kharfoush (We Don't Eat Kharfoush).

The social drama sees Mustafa playing a high-flying super lawyer, married to the elegant Yousra. The succesful couple have two children but all isn't well in the marital bed. Mustafa's eyes begin to wander once he decides his wife isn't taking proper care of herself in the looks department. Kindness isn't a trait associated with top lawyers and Mustafa promptly ditches his wife for a newer model. A fashion model.

Here comes the twist. Divorced and alone, Yousra refuses to sit at home stuffing her once beautiful face with comfort chocolate. Stung by Mustafa's treachery, she instead travels to the plastic surgery capital of the Middle East to get her own form of silicon revenge. A nip and a tuck later, Yousra returns home more beautiful than ever. In fact her new found surgically enhanced beauty is so powerful that an open-mouthed Mustafa is compelled to win her back.

The drama marks a welcome reunion for the pair who haven't appeared alongside each other on screen for many years. We Don't Eat Kharfoush will appear on televisions across the Middle East on March 9.

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