Third time unlucky: Rania Fareed Shawki and Mustafa Fahmi break-up again

Published July 23rd, 2012 - 02:27 GMT
The unhappy couple: Mustafa Fahmi and Rania Shawki
The unhappy couple: Mustafa Fahmi and Rania Shawki
Egyptian actress Rania Fareed Shawki has announced splitting from her husband Egyptian actor Mustafa Fahmi. But it's not the first time.
Rania stated that despite the break-up, she and Mustafa would remain friends especially since the make-up break-up couple have gone through so much together for many years.
Lest people talk about the untimely parting that coincides with a holy month that should foster the marital bond, they are letting it be known that they did not formally agree to divorce during Ramadan.
No suprises in a long-brewing divorce
According to Al, and Fareedah Hassan Anwar, Rania's spokesperson, the divorce had been 'settled' before
the first day of the holy month of Ramadan and Rania and Mustafa had been in agreement on the decision to cut the chord for quite some time.
Fareedah added that Rania would always respect Mustafa and would cherish their friendship regardless of everything they
might be yet to face. Given their ongoing disputes, Rania must be anticipating that things could get ugly.
A professional parting 
Still, she also made mention that there was a strong possibility that the two would reunite for future projects.
The divorce, the third Rania and Mustafa have now undertaken, came after a series of irreconcilable issues. Close contacts to the couple, who were successful in changing the strained couple's minds in the past, have failed this time round, and the divorce is said
to be the last and final.

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