Is Myriam Fares' lil sis Jihane the spitting image of Elissa?

Published August 4th, 2014 - 11:01 GMT

Step aside Myriam, there's a new Fares sister in the house and we think she may be even hotter than you!

But Jihane Fares looks nothing like her famous superstar sis. While the fashionista is famous for her tanned skin and beautiful long and super curly blond locks, Jihane has the complete opposite look.

The girls' fans do however think that JJ - as she likes to call herself - looks the spitting image of fellow Lebanese singer Elissa!

Although both ladies have an obvious resemblance with their dark hair, brown eyes and light complexions, we think Jihane totes wins the "Hotter Celeb" competition!

Personally, we think she looks more like Kim K than Elissa, but you can make the comparison yourself by checking out the newcomer's Instagram page here.

Myriam is the middle child in her family. She has two sisters, Roula the eldest, who manages her career, and Jihan the youngest with a love for fame, expensive fashion and constant travelling.

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