Nabil Shuail shocks fans with massive weight loss

Published February 13th, 2013 - 10:02 GMT
Nabil following the weight loss (L) and before.
Nabil following the weight loss (L) and before.

Legendary Kuwaiti crooner, Nabil Shuail, is known around the Arab world for his big voice and even bigger waistline. Fans of the Gulfi songster love his hits no matter what his weight but it seems like Nabil doesn't feel so comfortable with his size.

A recent photo has been circulating online of the singer looking nearly half his previous size, shocking fans around the region. Rumors spread that the star had picked up some kind of eating disorder given how quickly he lost the pounds.

But sources close to Nabil say it's nothing of the kind and the weight loss has more to do with his recent back surgery than any deliberate dieting. After the operation, the Kuwaiti crooner had to take in all his food via drip feed, causing his to rapidly kick the kilos.



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