Najwa Karam's got it all...but she still hasn't found that man she's looking for (and she's fine with it)

Published November 28th, 2013 - 10:12 GMT
Singleton Najwa says she's not bothered by still being unmarried. (Image: Facebook)
Singleton Najwa says she's not bothered by still being unmarried. (Image: Facebook)

Najwa Karam's looks – like any other celeb's – have evolved a lot since she first came into the business. Although Najwa was pretty young thing when her first music video popped up on our TV screens, we must admit that she looks more “enhanced” now than she did 20-something years ago!

Even Najwa herself admitted that she prefers the way she looks now to the way she did at the age of 20! She's a model of aging like a fine wine. Well, you may be 27 years older now, but you don't look it missy!

The 47-year-old singleton stated that she isn't afraid of getting old; but is she afraid of getting old alone?

Apparently not! Najwa said: “I want to get married. I wish I'd meet the right man to marry, and I once did, but it didn't lead to marriage. I don't want to get married then divorced, I want it to last forever. I've a lot going on for me at the moment, which is keeping my mind off the topic, that's why I'm not too bothered by it. If it's my fate not to marry in this lifetime, then I will just put up with it.”

You'd think someone like Najwa, who has it all, would have the man of their dreams too. Sayidaty Magazine asked Najwa if the characteristics of the man she's seeking have changed as she's gotten older, but Najwa said: “Do I have to compromise just because I'm older now? I wasn't demanding at first, but I am today (very). I've a lot of life experience now, which has made me more careful when choosing the man I want.”

Good for Najwa - she deserves a gem!

Turning the other cheek

Recently, there have been rumors that our talent queen has a crush on her fellow Arabs Got Talent judge Ali Jaber. The two jokingly said that they “love” one another, and Najwa even posted a picture of Ali kissing her on the cheek!

Could Ali be the one to sweep our Lebanese rose Najwa off her feet?

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