It wasn't me! Najwa Karam denies cradle-robbery

Published June 29th, 2012 - 09:52 GMT
Najwa Karam not all too pleased at rumors
Najwa Karam not all too pleased at rumors

The immaculate Lebanese singer Najwa Karam is struggling to contain her dismay at recent rumors of her having a secret love affair with a younger man. The 46 year-old mega-star singer released a statement flatly denying the rumor of her clandestine involvement with a 'foreign' man 15 years her junior.

The report that categorically denied escalating gossiop of her having a non-Lebanese toy-boy was posted on Najwa’s official page on the celebrity-and-everybody hot-spot Facebook. She claimed this story was 'far from true'.

The official press statement said, “A number of internet websites have been publishing news on Najwa’s behalf confirming her relationship with a famous non-Lebanese man who is much younger than she. The singer wants it known that the rumor is a lie and she is not involved with anyone who fits that bill.”

Doth the lady protest too much?

Well they say there's no smoke without fire, and rumors only get fanned when fed with attention such as that our 'Sun of Song' is manifesting on her very public Facebook page. Her denial is quite fevered pitch. But cradle robbery or canoodling with younger men is quite a heated charge in the Arab world. 


What do you think about Najwa's strongly denied rumor?  What view do you take of Najwa Karam's Facebook denial?


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