Najwa regrets singing to Assad: pop-stars defect from Bashar

Published July 13th, 2012 - 09:41 GMT
Najwa Karam regrets singing for Bashar Al-Assad
Najwa Karam regrets singing for Bashar Al-Assad

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam once black-listed, placed firmly the 'list of disgrace', of artists known to be supportive of the current Syrian government lead by President Bashar Al Asad, has now publically revised her position and been given a reprieve. Najwa was placed on the list after the release of her song “Bashar Al Qaed” (Bashar the Leader) at the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

A contrite Najwa plead in her defense that she had sung the song when Bashar first assumed power after the death of his father. At the time all singers and patrons of the arts presented special songs or tributes as a gift to Syria rather than to Bashar personally. She added that with time, particularly in view of  the  tragic circumstances afflicting Syria at the hands of Bashar and supporters, she truly regrets singing the song and considers it an unpleasant memory of the past.

Najwa’s remarks exonerated her, and led to her removal from the black list, as well as her regaining sympathy as many believed that she was mislead by Bashar like many other Arab stars. The makers of the black list said that while she has been removed expunged from the list, all the same her name would not be included in the honor list of stars who had supported the revolution from the offing.


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