Najwa Karam is worth it! L'Oreal's new Arabic Face

Published May 21st, 2012 - 10:02 GMT
Najwa Karam is L'Oreal - cause she's worth it
Najwa Karam is L'Oreal - cause she's worth it

Global giant cosmetics and beauty brand, L’Oreal, has announced  Najwa Karam as its new face for Arab beauty consumers.

This departure into a regional 'cover' for the multi-award-winning product line follows an era where the Arab community hadn't its own definitive L'Oreal look. The authors of the catchy advertising slogans, (Cause You're Worth it) had previously geared all of their promotional efforts to a more typically western audience or appeal, in the last few years. Western celebrities as Claudia Schiffer or Andie MacDowell set the Anglo Saxon beauty tone til now. This Arabian beauty could be ushering in a new global trend that uses Mideastern faces in international product branding.

Najwa’s presence at the Cannes Festival, which kicked off on May 20th, coincides with her official announcement of joining the trend-setting international cosmetic gurus.

According to “Ana Zahra” website, an insider at L’Oreal Beirut revealed that choosing Najwa was a very deliberate choice. Karam got first dibs on her face after the company spent months searching for the right artist who commanded a big enough following and 'glamor' factor in the Arab World. Najwa was chosen for her chic look and immaculate overall image. The multi-platinum, best-selling, elegant Arabs Got Talent presenter, without a doubt holds a classy, winning appeal in the Middle East.

The “shining star of Arabic Music” Najwa Karam is expected back in Lebanon before the Cannes Festival closing, as she is committed to a live shooting of Arab’s Got Talent, in Beirut for Friday May 25th.






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