Najwa Karam sets feminism back 100 years!

Published April 6th, 2016 - 01:00 GMT
Najwa thinks women shouldn't work unless they really need to, and fulfill their duties at home first.  (Instagram)
Najwa thinks women shouldn't work unless they really need to, and fulfill their duties at home first. (Instagram)

In a world that’s taking major steps in favor of women’s rights and equality in general, the internet was shocked as beloved Lebanese singer, writer, producer, Arabs Got Talent judge and fierce diva Najwa Karam made some seriously sexist comments that sets the feminist movement hundreds of years back.

During a recent interview with co-host Qusai Kheder, Karam explained that she doesn’t want women’s rights to get out of control, that it would become dangerous, and that she’s afraid that it would be damaging to men’s masculinity, which would be threatening as well.

She actually said that she is AFRAID that the day would come when men would stay up at night taking care of the kids; afraid of the day when a woman would tell her man that’s she’s tired and that he should get up to heat the milk; afraid of the day when he asks her what she cooked, and she replies that she couldn’t because of her job.

She believes that women should fulfill their duties at home first and then after that, they can work. According to Karam, a woman should ONLY work if it’s a necessity in order to support her husband. She’s also against women working and having careers just to “fill their free time” if they don’t need to.

Karam thinks that women should cook and clean and not leave all of those chores to maids and butlers and that if she’s from a certain class and used to a more privileged life with help, then she should spend her time looking as “feminine” and beautiful as possible for her husband and raising their kids instead of leaving that for the staff to do.

Needless to say, the internet and, more specifically, Arab women went into a rage once MBC shared the interview clip on their social media and we honestly have to side with the interwebz on this one. We love Najwa, but we find her comments extremely shocking.

Karam’s comments seem very hypocritical coming from one of the Middle East’s highest-selling artists with a very successful career, having sold over 60 million records worldwide. We’re pretty sure she doesn’t NEED to work and that she most definitely doesn’t spend all of her time cooking and cleaning and playing housewife. 

Do you agree with Najwa’s comments or do you think that they’re offensive to women everywhere? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

By Hady El Hady


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