Nawal Al Zoghbi Does Not Want Annabella Hilal Near Her

Published November 27th, 2017 - 02:00 GMT
"Don't you come near me!" Nawal addressed Anabella jokingly noting the heels the presenter is wearing (Source: Instagram - @annabellahilal)
"Don't you come near me!" Nawal addressed Anabella jokingly noting the heels the presenter is wearing (Source: Instagram - @annabellahilal)

Written by Zaid Bawab

The second episode of "Celebrity Duets" aired last night on MTV Lebanon and witnessed once again celebrities from different professions singing and competing to support different charity organizations.

During yesterday's episode which had diva Nawal Al Zoghbi as the main guest. The show's presenter and Miss Lebanon runner up Anabella Hilal who is known for her long form approached Nawal -whose height is not her best asset- after the latter concluded "Bhibbo Kteer" song to be faced with a warning from Nawal. "Don't you come near me!" Nawal addressed Anabella jokingly noting the heels the presenter is wearing which emphasizes the height difference between the Lebanese beauties. 

Nawal and Arzeh Shidyaq performing "Bhibbo Kteer" (source: Instagram - @celebrityduetstv)

Yet, Nawal did not seem like her regular friendly self during the night and seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the judging panel and even with the first three contestants she performed with. When asked about comedian's Arzeh Shidyaq's performance whom she first sang with, The "Bhibbo Kteer" singer paused for a moment before blurting out "Dabdoubeh" aka female teddy bear, an improper comment about Arzeh's weight even if it could have been said in a jokingly manner. 

Nawal and Sasha Dahdouh performing "Bel Alb" (source: Instagram - @celebrityduetstv)

After performing her latest single "Bel Alb" with TV presenter Sasha Dahdouh -who was the celebrity to leave the show by the end of the episode because of lowest voting rate-, the famous singer seemed to hardly know the TV personality's name. When Annabella asked Nawal about Sasha's performance, Nawal exclaimed pointing at the "B Beirut" show presenter  "Is this Sasha?" noting that she met her for the first time the day before during rehearsals.


Nawal and Randa Sarkiss singing "El Layali" (source: Instagram - @celebrityduetstv)

Nawal's odd behavior did not stop here as after she performed her 2000 hit "El Layali" with TV presenter and Voice Over actress Randa Sarkiss she whimpered about how strong Randa's perfume was before heading to the backstage. 

Nawal and Dalida Khalil shaking it on the tunes of "Toul Omri" (source: Instagram - @celebrityduetstv)

Nawal's attitude kind of changed after performing her mega hit "Toul Omri" with Lebanese Actress Dalida Khalil and Ramadan series "Caramel" opening anthem with one of the series stars Talal Al Jurdi, Two performances during which Nawal seemed to be more comfortable and interactive with the contestants.

Nawal and Talal Jurdi dancing to "Caramel" (source: Instagram - @celebrityduetstv)

Nawal's overall tense attitude could be attributed to many reasons. Firstly, the presence of who she calls her "Spiritual Father", Lebanese TV director Simon Assmar whom with she embarked her successful career over two decades ago through the talent show he directed "Studio El phan". In a recent talk show with Rudolph Hilal and Raja Nasseredin on MTV Lebanon, Simon declared that Nawal did not even bother to call and check on him during his time in jail hinting that her admiration of him is only in front of the cameras, a statement that Nawal did not comment on, which is the same silent approach she follows often especially when tackling her household matters.

Celebrity Duets judging panel, left to right: music producer Oussama Al Rahbani, TV host Mona Abu Hamzeh, TV Director Simon Assmar (Source: Instagram - @celebrityduetstv)

The Fourty Six "Golden Star" whose personal life is not as shinny as her singing career was also recently faced with her Daughter Tia's desire to live with her father and Nawal's "ex-husband" Elie Dib which could also have a hand in Nawal's impulsiveness during the night or she could have been simply concerned over performing live with performers who mostly lack the singing talent. Regardless of the reason, the Lebanese songstress whose career is still flourishing for nearly thirty years now looked spectacular in Zuhair Murad designs that she chose to wear for the night.

Nawal Al Zoghbi's wardrobe by Zuhair Murad (source: Instagram - @nawalelzoghbi)

Nawal in another Zuhair Murad design (Source: Instagram - @nawalelzoghbi)

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