Nicole Saba FURIOUS with Al-Hayba Production Company: 'I Was a Scapegoat' (Video)

Published February 28th, 2021 - 11:34 GMT
Nicole Saba FURIOUS with Al-Hayba Production Company: 'I Was a Scapegoat' (Video)

Lebanese actress Nicole Saba has decided to break her silence and answer many questions in a tell-all interview with Rodolph Hilal in Al-Muwajaha talk show.

At first, Nicole expressed her resentment of a Lebanese actress without revealing her name, saying that this actress made condescending remrks about Nicole because of staying at home and being away from drama and shows.

Nicole condemned the actress's behavior, stressing that no one knows if she's been receiving offers or not, or the reasons behind accepting of rejecting those offers.

Separately, Nicole Saba considered that the drama market in Lebanon is monopolized by two production companies, Eagle Films and Al-Sabah Brothers, and they always resort to wrapping around the same artists over and over again.

On a different topic, Nicole Saba expressed her reproach for what Al-Hayba production company, Al-Sabah Brothers, did to her when she played Sumaya in the second season.

Saba said that it was agreed at first that she will star in the second and third seasons of Al-Hayba, and based on that she apologized for participating in two major series in Egypt starring next to Youssra and Yasser Galal.

She added: 'There were a lot of promises made by producer Sadiq Al-Sabah, for whom I have great respect, that my participation in Al-Hayba would be the first step to many great opportunities. But unfortunately from the beginning, they were trying to break me.'

Nicole continued: 'Sumaya was the strongest female role in all parts of Al-Hayba, period.'

Saba also revealed that when she was being offered to play Sumaya in the second season of Al-Hayba, only 7 episodes had been written at the time, adding that there were so many vague things happening and she was not given full information of the situation, but with all that she accepted and said: 'Nothing shakes me.'

Nicole said that tansperancy is needed at work, stressing that actor Taim Hassan has nothing to do with her bad experience with the series, adding that she respects his professionalism and their experience together.

Saba described herself as the "scapegoat" of the second season of Al-Hayba, adding the production company did not defend her when the series was criticized.

When Rodolph asked Nicole to rank the four seasons of Al-Hayba based on their success, she said that season 1 starring Nadine Njeim is number one, then season 4 starring Dima Qandalaft is number two, then season 2 starring herself is number three, and season three starring Cyrine Abdel Nour is number four.

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