No More Falafel for You! Watch Yasmine Sabri Enjoy a Falafel Sandwich Blindfolded

Published November 14th, 2019 - 08:37 GMT
Sabri began speculating and giving guesses
Sabri began speculating and giving guesses (Source: @yasmine_sabri Instagram)

Instagram users circulated a new video of Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri during the talkshow Sahbet Alsaadah (Her Excellency), hosted by artist Issad Younis on DMC channel.

In one sketch, Yasmine was blindfolded and was given a sandwich. Her task was to taste it and figure out its ingredients.

Sabri began speculating and making guesses, until she found out that it was a falafel sandwich. The video went viral earning more than 268K views.

In the same episode, Yasmine revealed the traits of the man who could be her future husband.

In response to a series of questions, she stated that she would like him to be neither skinny nor fat, tall, with black eyes and without a mustache.

Her response prompted the audience to remember her sudden divorce that she had announced two years ago.

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