Noor Amr Diab Announces Engagement.. Watch What She Said of Her Fiancé's Religion

Published August 11th, 2021 - 07:09 GMT
Noor Amr Diab Announces Engagement.. who is her fiance Kieran Woodward religion

The eldest daughter of Egyptian mega star Amr Diab and Shereen Reda, Noor, 31, has announced her engagement throughout a live video she posted on social media.

Noor was on the train when she went live with her 418k followers on Instagram and made the announcement.

'I wanna go to so many home stores since I'm moving with my fiancé. Yes this is the news. I'm so happy, I'm so excited.'

Noor Diab shared that she currently lives in South London, but soon she will move to another city with her fiancé without revealing the new destination, because she told her followers that she is preparing a special post about her engagement where she will reveal many surprises.

However, when one follower told Noor that he/she lives in Oxfordshire and that she should come and live there, the daughter of Amr Diab said: 'I'm going near, honey'.


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During the Live video, followers asked Noor many questions related to her engagement, such as why isn't she wearing an engagement ring. Diab answered that she's having it resized because she lost weight.

And when she was asked about her fiancé's origins, Noor said that 'my fiancé is African British. Like his ethnicity is quarter African but he's British, and I am Serbian Egyptian as you guys know.'

Noor also promised her followers to do vlogs about her journey in finding a home in the new city, as well as furnishing it.

Noor Diab engaged

Since Noor is the daughter of Amr Diab, whose nick name in the Arab world is Al-Hadaba 'The Plateau', one follower couldn't help but ask her what's her favorite song of her father. She answered 'Tamalli Ma'ak'.

Another follower seems to have asked Noor about her fiancé's religion.

Commenting on that topic, Noor said: 'Look, I want people to respect the fact that this is my decision to get engaged. All the religion questions you know it's very personal. Please refrain from that, and just be happy for me.'

Noor Amr Diab engaged

Noor, then, moved to answer questions about the wedding, saying: 'I don't know where I'll hold my wedding. I don't know anything yet. I'm just happy with the news. It was a surprise to me.'

Noor Amr Diab did not share any details of her fiancé, such as his name or his pictures, but social media users have circulated a name of a guy 'Kieran Woodward', claiming to be the one, especially since he has dedicated a special Instagram account @kieranwoodwardphotography only take pictures of Noor Diab, other than his personal account @1withkieran.

Noor Diab fiance Kieran Woodward

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