Is That a Normal Reaction?! Hind Al-Qahtani Celebrates Ranking Top 4 on Snapchat by MOANING! Watch

Published November 4th, 2020 - 01:15 GMT
Is That a Normal Reaction?! Hind Al-Qahtani Celebrates Ranking Top 4 on Snapchat by MOANING! Watch

Hind Al-Qahtani is moaning!

Snapchat has recently revealed numbers of subscribers of celebrities accounts on the app.

Saudi fashionista Hind Al-Qahtani was ranked number 4 as the most followed celebrity in the Middle East with 5.9 million subscribers.

It is very normal to be pleased for this so-called achievement, and there are several ways to express happiness.

But what Hind did was beyond expressing happiness, as she posted one of the most bizarre and controversial videos ever.

At first, she started moaning and talking about ordering maids and comparing their prices to maids in the Middle East since she resides in LA.

And then, she went on bragging and praising herself and her authentic number of followers, calling them VIP Saudis, while comparing her followers to other celebrities' followers who come from the Arab world in general.

Hind said: "Tickle my nose, yes yes", adding an Arabic saying that matches "mirror mirror on the wall".

She added: "Some people prepared a list which declares that I am in the fourth place .. I swear to God I am a hero, strong and proud of myself. I've been in social media only for two years, and now I have become number 4 in the Middle East .. and number one influencer .. I have the most influential followers, Saudis, VIP category."

Al-Qahtani explained: "I am proud of myself ... How great you are Hannoud ... I am the most famous one in Saudi Arabia and the first influencer. I challenge any Snapchat celebrity to have a classy audience like mine. My audience are all Saudis but the rest of celebrities' audience are from all of the Arab countries. But I am unique."

Social media users were furious of Hind's video, writing comments such as: "What a rude behavior. Shame on you", "These gestures are only done in the bedroom, may God disappoint you", "You've become very rude and all of your actions are shameless".

Kuwaiti fashionista Dr. Kholoud was ranked first with 9 million subscribers. Saudi Model Roz came second with 8 million subscribers, followed by Saudi influencer Osama Al-Daghiri with 7 million subscribers, and lastly Saudi fashionista Hind Al-Qahtani came in forth with 5.9 million subscribers.

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