Now is not the time for Saad Lamjarred to be getting 'friendly' with the ladies!

Published April 19th, 2017 - 12:38 GMT
He's a free man (kinda) but his lawyer wants him to keep away from the ladies. (YouTube)
He's a free man (kinda) but his lawyer wants him to keep away from the ladies. (YouTube)

It's been almost a week since Saad Lamjarred was released on bail, and the Moroccan star's lawyer is doing everything in his power to keep him out of trouble - and away from the ladies.

A video leaked on YouTube on Tuesday shows Saad's lawyer, Eric Dupont Moretti, pulling his client away from female fans after Tuesday's hearing at the Supreme Court in Paris. 

The 18-second video shows a frail Lamjarred posing for pictures with three (keen) women in The Palais de Justice.

Moretti looks concerned and in a hurry to move Saad away from his admirers. Clearly this isn't the time for someone with a "rape cloud" hanging over their head to get friendly with the opposite sex. 

Guilty until proven innocent?

Some interpreted this as Moretti's desire to keep the "LM3ALLEM" singer away from contact with the fairer sex until he's proven innocent from raping 20-year-old Laura Prioul.

Meanwhile, others assumed that Moretti was worried Saad would say something that might be misinterpreted by the media.

The 32-year-old is currently tied to an ankle monitor to ensure that he remains in France until the Supreme Court has ade a final decision regarding his case.


Our advice? Stay away from women, booze and hotel rooms and focus on your music career instead!

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