NUDE Scenes in "Huda Salon" Angers Viewers who Demand to Stop The movie

Published March 10th, 2022 - 11:26 GMT
The film stars Manal Awad, Maysa Abdel Hadi, Ali Suleiman
The film stars Manal Awad, Maysa Abdel Hadi, Ali Suleiman
The General Union of Palestinian Writers and Writers attack 'Huda Salon'

Written by Alexandra Abumuhor

The Palestinian movie "Huda's Salon" caused a state of controversy and attack because of its attempt to distort the Palestinian struggle and the image of the Palestinians, in addition to its normalization with nudity because it contained some scenes that were described as "indecent."

The film revolves around a Palestinian woman named "Huda" who works at a beauty salon in Bethlehem. She suffers from psychological disorders and crises after her husband and children abandoned her; Which led to its occurrence in the mud of employment for the Israeli occupation.

"Huda", played by Palestinian actress, Manal Awad, works on drugging the women who visit her salon, then works on filming them in immoral situations in order to blackmail them to work for the Israeli occupation intelligence

One of Huda's victims was a young mother named "Reem", who was visiting a beauty salon for a new haircut.

The owner of the salon drugged her and photographed her with a crowbar and then blackmailed her in order to work for the occupation; Then Reem lives in a state of fear and anxiety, and it is difficult for her to choose between her honor or betrayal of her country.

A dispute occur between "Reem" and her husband "Youssef" and his family, and she decides to tell him about the disaster she is facing, but he decides to abandon her to face an unknown fate.

Many criticized the work because of its scenes that violate morals, public morals, and religious values. Some accused the movie of trying to destruct the Palestinian society. 

Among the scenes that angered the viewers, the moment "Reem" stripped her clothes to take pictures of her above the bed in obscene positions, and the investigator put his hand inside Huda's shirt touching her chest in order to take out a picture she was hiding, and others.

The film stars Manal Awad, Maysa Abdel Hadi, Ali Suleiman, Samer Bisharat, Kamel Al-Basha and Omar Abu Amer. The work was directed by Palestinian director Hani Abu Asaad, who previously directed the Palestinian film "Princess", which was banned because of his story that serves novels Zionist occupation.

The pioneers of social networking sites were angry at the pornographic scenes in the movie "Huda Salon". social media users criticized the work, and one of them addressed her words to the actress, Manal Awad, and wrote: "Manal Awad, I do not know how you accepted the filming of such a scene and accepted it? Basically, you are supposed to refuse such a work if it is part of the scene of complete nudity in it!!" It is surprising how you are able to completely undress a girl... It is surprising how you can accept the scene of a young man who is completely naked in front of you and they sleep on the bed and photograph them? With their organs and their entire body exposed."

The story of the movie "Ameera" The film sparked a state of controversy and criticism as a result of its handling of the issue of "smuggled sperm" in a way that does not serve the Palestinian struggle. Through IVF, to give birth to her daughter, Amira.

When Amira grows up, she realizes that her father is a sterile noir. Her life is turned upside down, and a journey begins to search for the identity of her original father, only to learn that he is an Israeli officer.

The General Union of Palestinian Writers and Writers denounced Hani Abu Asaad's movie "Huda Salon", in which it exploits the suffering of Palestinian women, the harsh conditions they are exposed to, the attempts of the Zionist occupation, and its cheap methods.

The Union considered that the film’s departure from the traditions and authenticity of our people, and the modesty that characterizes Palestinian women, is a quest for global fame at the expense of morals, sobriety, and honor. And that scenes of nudity entrapped the film's goal, which the occupation security services seek.

And the union statement said: “The film raised the issue of security projection, and the exploitation of beauty salons as projection centers, but the contexts of the immoral scenes, were not necessary, and played a negative role contrary to morals, our customs and traditions that are preserved by our people and paid for their preservation every precious and precious in Facing the ideological invasion and the enemy’s erosion of our collective consciousness and conscience.”

He added: "Therefore, we demand in the General Union of Palestinian Writers and Writers to withdraw the film from festivals and galleries, not to circulate it, and to remove it from the list of Palestinian films. without taking into account our morals, our originality, our customs and traditions.” 

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