Okasha Returns with New Tales of Egyptian Neighborhoods

Published November 15th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Egyptian scenarist Osama Anwar Okasha is currently writing the script for the new TV series Al Attarin, continuing the tales of old Egyptian neighborhoods that he started in his masterwork Laiali Al Helmiyya. 

In Al Attarin, the daily Al Bayan said, Okasha deals with the neighborhood as a past that has cultural dimensions extending to present day. He tackles the everlasting conflict between ignorance and knowledge, through the lense of Egyptian emigrants who achieved success abroad after long suffering frustration in their country. When they return home with the desire to make reforms, they face ignorance and resistance to change.  

Okasha has recently finished writing the TV series Amira Min Abdeen (Princess from Abdeen) after a long delay because of a dispute between the star, Samira Ahmed, and director Mohammed Fadel. 

The squabble erupted over two actors nominated by Ahmed and rejected by Fadel.  

Okasha sided with the director and did not write the six remaining episodes of the series, which spurred Ahmed to resort to court to secure the missing episodes - Albawaba.com 

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