'PISS OFF'! Mariam Hussein Seeks Help From Officials Because of Saleh Al Jasmi

Published May 3rd, 2020 - 08:58 GMT
'PISS OFF'! Mariam Hussein Seeks Help From Officials as She Cries Because of Saleh Al Jasmi

Moroccan actress, who resides in UAE, Mariam Hussein appealed to Emarati officials to intervene and protect her from lawyer and presenter Saleh Al Jasmi, brother of singer Hussein Al Jasmi.

Mariam posted a video on Instagram Stories, crying and calling out for help from UAE officials to protect her from Saleh, saying: "Piss off! I've had enough of you. You already had me imprisoned, isn't that enough?" adding that he is ambushing her.

She continued: "I hope he forgets me and lives his life without me, forgets someone called Mariam Hussein. Oh God please let him spend his time doing other things that would benefit society."

In return, Saleh Al Jasmi, responded to Mariam via Twitter, saying: "This lady abused me through her Snapchat account queen_maryoum; slandering and ambushing me in several videos that she published on her account at 2 am, then deleted them. So please take the necessary action."

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