Private screening for Wafa Amer

Published November 30th, 2005 - 07:06 GMT

The new Egyptian film “Alimni Al Hubb” (Teach me to Love) was secretly screened at a theatre in Cairo without notifying the cast and without their permission. The film has been ready for release for a year and a half, but a screening date had not been set.


The film stars Wafa Amer, Dalia Mustafa, Ulfat Imam, and Midhat Saleh.

Wafa previously stated that she was happy the film was never screened, and that she wished she had never taken such a seductive role.


Last year, the music channel Mazzika had aired one of the songs from the film, and the film was also supposed to appear in the Alexandria International Film Festival, but the organizers decided not to include it.


The film is the first directing experience for Yasser Zaid, and is written by Yasser Zayed and produced by Mutee’ Zayed.


Wafa suffered an accident on the last day of filming her Ramadan drama series “Al Imam Mohammad Abdo.” The actress fell off a ladder and twisted her ankle.


She bravely swallowed her pain in order to finish filming the last scene of the drama. Once she completed her scenes she went straight to her doctor, who advised her to take a two week rest and avoid any strenuous activity.


The drama, set in the mid nineteenth century, is written by Ayed Al Ribat and directed by Shukri Abu Ameereh.  Wafa performs seven different songs and plays the role of Nowara, a singer at a local nightclub who gains notoriety in the music industry and amongst political circles.


Wafa announced that she has increased her wage from 7 thousand to 10 thousand Egyptian pounds per episode for any new television drama produced by the ‘Egyptian Media Production City.’ Wafa stressed that she will not accept any new role, unless she is paid the new wage she has set.

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