Raghda still only has eyes for Assad

Published August 4th, 2012 - 02:51 GMT

Syrian actress Raghda is still in denial. Not in  Egypt as the old River Nile joke goes, but regarding her homeland Syria. She says her President is not responsible for massacres against his people.

Camp Assad

The veteran actress is not throwing aside her loyalty to the regime just yet. The thick skinned star is firmly ensconced in the regime camp against a sea of opposition, and looks to be fighting the Lion's corner to the finish.

So her stance has not changed as she dismisses news reports of massacres taking place in Syria at the hands of the current government regime. The actress puts these rumors and 'lies' down to propoganda generated by Al Jazeera and its satellite TV ilk.

Raghda posits that there is no such thing as a utopian [perfect] government and if there are flaws in the Syrian Presidency or his government then that does not mean he should be eliminated. For Raghda at least,  Bashar symbolizes security and peace for Syria and his regime should not fall, she says.

The power of the veto

The actress bolsters her belief in Assad via superpowers Russia and China who she has faith would not forsake the Syrian people.

 The actress put it this way -  that if Russia and China felt that the majority of the Syrian people are against their government then they would not have vetoed the UN sanctions on Syria. 



What do you think of celebrities getting political? Is Raghda's pro-Assad stance of surprise or interest?

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