Ahlam who? Ragheb Alama really doesn’t care about colleague’s comments

Published July 28th, 2013 - 09:49 GMT
Ragheb Alama is still smiling post-Ahlam interview.
Ragheb Alama is still smiling post-Ahlam interview.

“Let her babble her mouth off as she pleases,” Ragheb Alama remarked about his colleague’s comments on the show "Ana Wal Asal" (Me and the Honey). Ahlam let all her hate hang out with show host Nishan during her guest appearance last week.

According to Sayidaty.net, Ragheb said, "Ahlam's remarks do not deserve my time of day and she does not matter to me…I have no intention of answering back Ahlam when I make my appearance on "Ana Wal Asal", for I have more important things to occupy my time that are worthwhile, and answering her back is useless, especially since we are in the holy month of Ramadan, and I am concerned in fighting hunger and improving the environment and preparing for my albums."

He didn’t even take time to watch the whole episode. “I was busy with house guests, and I already know what she will say," he added.

With regards to Ahlam's statement, 'Either me or Ragheb in season three of Arab Idol', Ragheb said let her say what she wants, but she is no position to place conditions on the channel MBC that airs the program. And no one can place conditions on the channel and her remarks are pointless.

Looks like Ahlam has no filter, we already knew that, and Nishan didn’t stop her verbal diarrhea either. He let her say everything on her mind without taking into account the consequences.

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