“Queen” Ahlam reigns down on Alama on yet another show

Published July 27th, 2013 - 04:53 GMT
Haute Ahlam sportin' Gabbana on “Ana Wa Al Asal” (Me and the Honey) (Image: Facebook)
Haute Ahlam sportin' Gabbana on “Ana Wa Al Asal” (Me and the Honey) (Image: Facebook)

We all got used to seeing diva of our lifetime, Ahlam, hate on her colleague, Ragheb Alama on the set of Arab Idol, but this girl doesn’t know when to raise the white flag and call it quits.

The Emirati superstar took full advantage of her moment in the spotlight of the show “Ana Wa Al Asal” (Me and the Honey), as she appeared as a guest star with host Nishan, to rag on Ragheb.

Ever the fashionista, Ahlam emerged on screen staying true to her nickname, looking like a “Queen” to reign down hard on her fellow judge. She was dazzled in a fall 2013 haute couture Gabbana golden gown, a slight alteration from the Toni Yacoub designs she regulared on Arab Idol 2. If her nemesis had been present for her remarks he would have been royally ticked off.

Her attacks included factors like him not having confidence in himself and being silly. She also belittled his position as head judge, especially in season 2.

In response to his “supposed” comment, "God can't recreate someone like Fairuz,” she feistily replied “When you speak about The Lord, speak with politeness.”

Um, pot calling the kettle black, anyone? Please share your thoughts on the diva-licious episode by commenting below.

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