Ragheb Alama takes the moral high ground after Milhim Barakat attacks

Published February 7th, 2013 - 07:31 GMT
Ragheb's no fan of getting personal.
Ragheb's no fan of getting personal.

With so many different dialects in the Arabic language, savvy stars know they should be singing all kinds to maximize their audience potential.

For Arab Idol judge and international singing star, Ragheb Alama, a tune in Gulfi or even Iraqi dialects is just as likely to make his fans happy as one in his native Lebanese dialect.

But not everyone is happy with the globalized style and legendary Lebanese singer, Milhim Barakat, is clearly more of a traditionalist. The longtime crooner recently said that stars like Ragheb, Nancy and Elissa were "betraying" their country by singing in other dialects. 

This week Ragheb hit back but kept fans happy by taking the moral high ground: "Milhim I will not answer you and I doubt Nancy and the others will answer you either, but you should know that a singer that is capable of singing in other dialects is an indication that they are a very unique singer and not one that has drawn boundries,” he tweeted.

He added a special note to his fans to ask them not to post any hate messages on Milhim's account in response: “My beloved fans, I thank you and ask that none of you insult Milhim in any way, for if he talked ill of me and other colleagues, that does not mean we do the same and I hope that any comments made are not personal ones.”

So, with the battle over, it looks like Ragheb has come out on top!

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