Water under the bridge? Tony Khalifeh takes Asala back

Published July 27th, 2012 - 11:01 GMT
Tony Khalifeh welcomes Asala 'back' to his show
Tony Khalifeh welcomes Asala 'back' to his show
Despite the protracted disputes and hostility between TV host Tony Khalifeh and Lebanese singer Asala, the latter will be gracing Tony's show  "Zaman Al Ikwan" (In The Time of the Brotherhood) which airs throughout Ramadan on
"Al Qahira wa Nas" station each Sunday. The Lebanese journalist, TV host has in the past fiercely attacked the Syrian singer.
According to the picutres published by the singer Asala of her and Khalifeh, it's all looking peachy between the two celebrities.
Apparently, the fall-out between Asala and Tony started years ago, when he invited her to be a guest on his Ramadan show. She turned him down citing  illness, but he was unimpressed to find out that days later she appeared as a guest star on his rival Nishan's Ramadan show "Ana Wa Al Assal" (Me and the Honey).
According to Tony's take on the Asala snubbing, outsiders pressured Asala to not appear on his show, but to opt for his peer's more lucrative show for her own pocket's benefit.
Tony has been pummeling Asala for many years now. Acting on his apparent vendetta, he was the first to expose the scandalous family feud phone calls between Asala and her brother.
His distaste for the wife did not prevent him from hosting her ex-husband (or maybe encouraged him for inviting the angry ex) Ayman Al Thahabi several times, who accused her of working against her country right after her own supportive statements to the Syrian revolution. 
This begs the question, how much did Tony pay Asala to reconsider his show now? Is it all really water under the bridge? Or has the finanacial temptation pushed Asala to forget the differences between her and Tony? 
What do you think? Share your opinions on this star's recent reunion!

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