Ramez Galal Sued by This Celebrity Because of What He Did in This Episode.. Watch

Published April 18th, 2021 - 08:53 GMT
'Absurd and Unacceptable'! Ramez Galal Sued by Daughter of This Celebrity

It looks like Ramez Galal has really gone mad in his 2021 Ramadan prank Show Ramez Akol Tar (Ramez Went Mad).

In the 3rd episode of the show aired last Thursday, Ramez hosted festival singer Hamo Beka and Russian belly dancer Lurdina.

As you know Ramez, he mumbles a lot trying so hard to make viewers laugh, making him come out as needy.

And in that episode in particular, Galal made fun of Hamo Beka's shoes, and said that they look like loafers worn by Arkan Foad.

Ramez's phrase has not been welcomed by Fairouz, Arkan Foad's daughter, who considered it as an insult to her father, and she threatened Ramez Galal that she is going to sue him.

On Facebook, Fairouz wrote: 'I wish that the respectable captain of actors Ashraf Zaki, whom I love and respect very much, teachs Ramez Galal how to respect and appreciate veteran and respectable people, who have never made any mistake and no one has ever said anything about them. Mockery and absurdity of people are not jokes and they ain't funny.'

She added: 'What has happened will not be through, and we will sue Ramez Galal'.

رامز جلال قضية اركان فؤاد

Arkan Foad's wife, Egyptian artist Nadia Mostafa did not stay silent as well, and she harshly criticized Ramez Galal to defend her husband.

Nadia Mostafa said that Ramez has crossed all boundaries with his inappropriate sense of humor, to the point that he's now attacking people sitting at homes to make viewers laugh.
ramez galal sued

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