Ramez Galal Tortures Ahmed Saad in First Episode of Ramez Aklo Tar (Video)

Published April 13th, 2021 - 06:43 GMT
Ramez Galal Tortures Ahmed Saad in First Episode of Ramez Aklo Tar (Video) رامز عقله طار أحمد سعد الحلقة الأولى

MBC Masr has just aired the first episode of Ramez Galal's prank show for Ramadan 2021, titled Ramez Aklo Tar (Ramez Went Mad).

The show made a debut by hosting Egyptian folk singer Ahmed Saad.

For this year's edition, Ramez summons victims to a theme park in Saudi Arabia to participate in games with visitors.

Later, the guest draws lots and winners get to ride with the star in a cabin.

In 2021, Galal chose to disguise himself as an Indian man, as he is seen as sporting a bushy beard and a turban, and he gets to ride with his victims in the cabinet as one of the park's visitors.

During the ride, prank coordinators roughly swing the hanging cabinet, and Ramez follows his signature moves to irritate guests, such as screaming directly into their ears and spraying fire powder from fire extinguishers on them.

At the end of the prank, Ramez and his crew pushes the star outside the cabinet to fall in a large pool underneath them, claiming to save their lives from the broken cabinet.

Once Ahmed was saved and got out of the pool, Ramez Galal revealed his real identity, which sparked Saad's utmost rage, and pushed him to severely punch Ramez Galal, to the point where the cast was forced to intrude to stop the quarrel.

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