Rania Yousif announces new marriage

Published January 8th, 2012 - 07:04 GMT
Rania Yousif
Rania Yousif

Egyptian actress Rania Yousif has shocked the media with her recent announcement of her marriage to an Egyptian businessman. Rania stated that she held a private and secret wedding ceremony away from the eyes of the media and public.


Rania made the announcement days after her latest film “Wahad Saheeh” (One Right) has been released. It is said that the film contains numerous seductive scenes for Rania.


The actress did not reveal any of the details regarding the wedding, which took place only four months after her divorce from Egyptian producer Mohammad Mukhtar.


According to the internet website MBC.net, Rania stated that she is very much in love and happy with her new husband and thanks God that he treats her two daughters with love and affection. She stated that his treatment towards his daughter is what makes her very attached to him.


With regards to her new husband’s opinion of her work, Rania stated that he watches all her films and television drama and gives her honest criticism, whether it is positive or negative. She added that she respects his honesty regarding her work and is not upset when he gives her negative criticism.

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