Turkish Olympian gets Red Hot Tweet from Chilis guitarist

Published August 7th, 2012 - 11:30 GMT

As the Turkish Girls Volleyball Team was playing an important game against USA in the London Olympics, Turkish player Neslihan Darnel, aged 29, received an interesting tweet.

Mostly known by his stage name “Flea,” Michael Peter Balzary of the World-renowned band Red Hot Chili Peppers declared his love to the young volleyball player over twitter. 

Bass guitarist and actor Balzary, aged 49, tweeted “I have a celebrity crush, Neslihan Darnel.’’

The tweet swiftly branched out, especially amongst “Flea’s’’ Turkish followers. While some considered the remark sincere, others were angry at the musician, reminding him through hundreds of tweets that Neslihan is married and the mother of a child.

While no comments were made by Neslihan Darnel, Balzary responded to all comments by tweeting “a celebrity crush is not real it is silly, settle down you maniacs’’ which is expected to further anger the musician’s Turkish followers.

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