Arab Guys' Fatima-Fantasy Goes Overboard!

Published April 29th, 2012 - 12:26 GMT
Many Arab men are falling for Turkish 'Fatima'
Many Arab men are falling for Turkish 'Fatima'

Arab male viewers are going Fatima-crazy, as they entertain their Fatima-fantasy. Not only are Arab girls dreaming of Turkish stars, not least "Muhannad" or "Kareem" from hit-show Fatima, Arab guys also harbor special fantasies of having a girl like their favorite TV Turkish hotties.

While the male lead roles have often played out as the knights in shining armor for our Arab girls, Middle East men are dreaming of whisking away some Turkish actresses.

Overnight the Turkish actress, Beren Saat, known as "Fatima", the soap's star, became the dream girl of every Arab guy. Many Facebook pages have been dedicated as fan sites in her honor.

The Arab fans moved between describing her as angelic, only longing to find Arab girls as innocent as her, and 'saucy'.  These abandoned decency and sometimes went so far as to remark on her physical body graphically.

There are already some 30 Facebook pages (and counting), that showcase a whole stream of flattery and praise for the popular actress (or for her character in Fatima!) with a total exceeding 800 thousand 'likes' or fans. 

At the same time, Facebook and social networking hard-liners, and Turkish TV fans among the Arab audiences, launched a scathing attack on Mustafa, Fatima's ex fiancée for his 'betrayal' of Fatima. He abandoned her after she was raped early on in the series, and preferred to accept money from her rapists than stand by his once-promised love, now suffering fiancée.


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