Riham Abd al Ghafour as Shahrazad in Ramadan

Published July 23rd, 2010 - 03:30 GMT

Young Egyptian actress Riham Abd al Ghafour will participate in the new television drama “Mish Alf Laila wa Lailah” (Not a Thousand and One Nights), which is scheduled to be aired during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.


Riham will play the role of Shahrazad who marries Shahrayar and the two encounter numerous obstacles and comical instances.


The drama is a production of ‘Cairo Voice for Audio and Visual Production’ along with the company ‘Blue Martian’.


The script is written by Waleed Yousif and direction is by Ahmad Fawzi.


Egyptian comedian actor Ashraf Abd Al Baqi costars with Riham along with Ahmad Rateb, Mahmoud al Jundi, Hasan Mustafa, Khayriah Ahmad, Yousif Dawud, Lutfi Labib and Mimi Jamal.

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