Rola Yamout not going to jail for being a pimp (but her family still disowned her)!

Published August 7th, 2016 - 01:21 GMT
A still from Rola's music video "I'm Rola." (Instagram)
A still from Rola's music video "I'm Rola." (Instagram)

A couple of days ago, the Lebanese Modesty police cross-examined Rola Yammout for being quite the pimptress, but apparently it wasn’t her at all. And since a) I’ve emotionally invested myself in her life, b) it’s too late to go back now, c) I owed myself the right to know what actually happened.

In her latest interview with reporter Hassan Rifai, Yammout tells us that it was a “fake account in her name,” so there’s no way now that she’ll be going to jail. She also has a lot to say to the people who accuse her of ruining the image of “Lebanese women.”


After releasing her music video, "I'm Rola," she was publicly disowned by her entire family.

By Souad Lazkani 


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