Rumors? What rumors? Layla Elwi too busy living life to care

Published July 15th, 2013 - 04:00 GMT
Layla Elwi says who cares? (Image: Facebook)
Layla Elwi says who cares? (Image: Facebook)

He said, she said. Who really has time for rumors? Certainly not Egyptian actress Layla Elwi!  

Lately, Layla has been surrounded with rumors of marital problems, divorce and even immigration. But the actress fired back at those believing the rumors, saying that they shouldn’t believe everything they read in the news.

According to, Layla said that celebs have to live with fake rumors every day of their lives, but her family and her have grown accustomed to them and act as though they don’t exist.

Layla confirmed that she’s very happily married and that there aren’t any out-of-the-ordinary arguments between her hubby and her. In fact, she said that she’s living the happiest moments of her life.

As for the immigration rumor, the patriot said that she would never leave Egypt despite its current unstable political conditions. She sees her homeland as the Mother of All Civilizations and will stay regardless of how bad things could get.  

Moving onto a lighter topic, Layla revealed some of her beauty secrets. The actress said that she maintains a healthy lifestyle by eating right and regularly exercising.

She said that her fans expect her to always look young and at her best and she ensures that she meets their expectations. It’s no wonder she’s famous then!

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