To whom it may concern: Egyptian indie boys sock it to the man

Published December 7th, 2012 - 12:05 GMT
Salalem say their usual style of music is 'sarcastic indie-pop' (Photo: Facebook)
Salalem say their usual style of music is 'sarcastic indie-pop' (Photo: Facebook)

Indie-pop band, Salalem, released a video clip of a song titled Ya Sayed Ya Mas’oul, with an accompanying description on Youtube that says “to whom it may concern.” The song addresses an authority figure and clearly states the band’s stance on the current situation in the country.

One particular line in the song translates into “do not play with my constitution and say this is what religion says.”

“We wrote this song prior to the revolution and its lyrics were more directed against corruption and things that were prevalent in Mubarak’s time. We asked a friend, Mustafa El-Barbary to change it to correspond with today’s events, and it clearly shows where we stand,” said lead singer Mohamed Jamal.

The band says it was the time to boldly state an opinion, “we usually do sarcastic indie-pop but this was the time for us to say our opinion strictly and without reluctance and be serious about an issue that has been dividing the country. The people obviously do not like the constitutional declaration or the referendum and we have to reflect this,” he said.

Jamal added that the song is not necessarily addressed to president Morsi, “we intended the song to be used to address any authority figure, not necessarily the president of Egypt.”


By Adel Heine


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