Sama Al-Masri Collapsed at Court: 'I Am Wronged'!

Published September 8th, 2020 - 06:05 GMT
Sama Al-Masri Collapsed at Court: 'I Am Wronged'!

Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al-Masri passed out in the dock after the verdict of imprisoning her for two years instead of three was announced.

It looks like Sama was expecting a better reduction of penalty after the appeal her attorney made.

Before collapsing, Sama screamed in court: "My life has been destroyed, I swear to God I am a victimized ... Why are you doing this to me?"

Then, security forces intervened and she was quickly treated and transferred by the deportation vehicle to her cell in the women's prison to serve the sentence, since the verdict was final after she had appealed it.

The ruling comes after the legal representative of Sama Al-Masri appealed to imprisoning her for 3 years, as the court decided to amend the judgment to be two years instead of three, while retaining the fine amount of 300,000 Egyptian pounds.

The final ruling also included placing Sama Al-Masri under probation for a period equal to the punishment she will serve, in order to ensure that she stops incitement to immorality after she is proven guilty of this charge.


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Egyptian Public Prosecutor, Hamada Al-Sawy, ordered the imprisonment of the accused, Samia Ahmed Attia Abdel Rahman, famously known by Sama Al-Masri, accusing her of publishing pictures and videos of herself that are offensive to public modesty through her own accounts on social media, and publicly committing indecent acts.

The charges also included seduction by prostitution and drawing attention to herself, assault on family principles and values in the Egyptian society, creating, managing and using of these sites and accounts on the information network with the aim of committing the aforementioned crimes.

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