Published September 16th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian songstress/actress Shadia was born in 1934. 

Shadia participated in various musical films throughout her career, singing alongside the great names of music in the Arab world. 

Her first big opportunity came in the movie Lahn El Wafa’a (The Loyalty Tune) alongside Abdul Halim Hafez. Following that film, Shadia was showered with opportunities, whereby the actress appeared in films with Farid El Atrash, Rushdi Abazza, Salah Thul Fiqar, Kamal El Shinnawi and many more. 

On the personal level, Shadia was linked with various actors including Rushdi Abazza. It was also said that the two got married secretly. Her last movie was Da’al Umr Ya Waladi (Life is Lost my Son), with Yusra and Faruq El Fishawi. 

Shadia’s most famous role to date, is Raya Wa Skeena a comedy play based on a true story of two women who killed richer ladies for their money. 

Shadia retired and went into hiding in the 80’s. She refuses to give any interviews. 

She has been married twice but has no children. 

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