Gulf Wars: Kuwait Shams' Onslaught on Emirati Ahlam

Published April 30th, 2012 - 07:26 GMT
Gulf word wars: Kuwait singer Shams Attacks Emirati Ahlam
Gulf word wars: Kuwait singer Shams Attacks Emirati Ahlam

The Kuwaiti singer Shams offensively mocked Emirati singer Ahlam on Twitter. Shams lashed out byTweet, "I don't like Ahlam, nor do international fashion designers find any use in her".

In the past, Shams had remarked vitriolically that Ahlam was 'Cholesterol,'  a toxic substance. She later attempted to make up for her disrespect, but Ahlam was having none of it.

Acquaintances said that Shams's unchecked mockery was only designed to promote her new upcoming album which marks a return after an absence from the limelight for such a long spell. Especially now that Ahlam had become one of the most famous celebrities in the Arab world, gaining noteriety from her fiascos on Arab Idol, Shams felt compelled to make some noise!

Reports mention a clash between the singers that occured three years ago.  While the Gulf pair have since reconciled, the dispute reamins apparently not fully settled, nor water under the bridge.


What have you got to say about one Gulfi superstar laying into another? Why is Shams being so mean-spirited about fellow singer from the UAE?




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