Ahlam could buy 'Messi'?

Published April 26th, 2012 - 09:33 GMT
Ahlam considers what money can buy, from dresses to footballers.
Ahlam considers what money can buy, from dresses to footballers.

After Ahlam’s unmissable appearances in Arab Idol, she is still the talk of the town. If it's not her expensive taste in dresses it's her extravagant taste in footballers.

Ahlam graced the premier season of Arab Idol, adorned in gaudy, costly clothes and accessories to dazzle sore eyes. She also contributed added value to the show with perhaps ill-judged words to die for, but after the show ran its first season course, she is still making waves with talk of buying much-coveted football star Messi.

Much Ado About 'That' Dress

She is remembered mostly for the dress she wore in the final episode that stirred quite a fuss and a half. The 'stunning' dresse's value was estimated at $1.5. On the back of those ostentatious spending habits, one of Manchester United’s fans asked the Emirati singer to sell her private jet and buy Barcelona’s hot prize footballer, Lionel Messi.

Khalid Al Khaldi, who introduced himself as a Manchester lover wrote on Ahlam’s personal account on Twitter: "Why don’t you sell your private jet and buy a professional player to join Manchester United”.

She can have it all if she likes!

Ahlam responded to Khalid’s outlandish suggestion, leaving no doubts about her wealth status, saying: "Why sell the jet; I’ll keep it and I will buy the professional player”. Indeed, why go without?

The conversation continued between the Emirati singer and Khalid who volunteered his wish list while he was about it: "Great of you, I want Messi and Thiago Silva to play in Manchester United”.


Your thoughts on Emirati controversial singer buying Messi? Completely ridiculous, or a viable prospect?


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