Shay Mitchell Leaves Her 1 Week old Baby at Home to Attend a Party

Published October 27th, 2019 - 07:40 GMT
Shay announced she had delivered her daughter on Sunday 20th October
Shay announced she had delivered her daughter on Sunday 20th October
She announced she had welcomed her first child, a daughter, with her long-term boyfriend, Matte Babel, last Sunday.  

And Shay Mitchell is now being slammed by online trolls for leaving her newborn child at home to attend Drake's 33rd birthday bash at Goya Studios on Wednesday night. 

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The 32-year-old beauty and boyfriend let their hair down for the night out and captioned a video of themselves dancing with: 'Parents' - something which many online users weren't thrilled about. 

'I understand parents need a night out once in a while, but days after giving birth??' a Yahoo Canada reader wrote. 

'Sorry but who even wants to be out days after giving birth? Post partum pads aren't hot. Stay home and rest your body and bond with your baby.'

Another took to Twitter to accuse Shay of having postpartum depression.  

'This just screams some postpartum depression, no need to go out so quickly unless u gotta keep an eye on ur man or prove something. You know how much fluid is still leaking lol,' they wrote. 

Other users wrote: 'You picked Drake over your days old newborn?' 



Another: 'What could possibly be better than staying home with your 3 day old newborn ? A party ? Really ?' 

And there were also users that made light of her announcement photo and caption in which she wrote: 'Never letting go,' while holding the hand of her little bundle of joy.  

'Never letting go... until three days from now to party,' they wrote. 



Another penned: 'Im not against parents of babies having a night off but 3 days after you give birth?!?! Are you serious???? Im honestly disgusted. How is she even up and walking around so fast. Childbirth is traumatic. Shows where here priorities are, celebrity or not.'   

And: 'She captioned her video parents but she's not even being a parent...' 

Other users were much kinder to the new mom, standing up for her for enjoying a night out.  

'Man some of the people in this comment sections are SO judgmental and are being a rude,' they began.  

She wanted to have one night to celebrate Drake's birthday. She felt comfortable having HER daughter watched by a nanny or family member so that she could go out with her husband. Newsflash many moms are around the first week or so to help out so that we can rest or do things.' 

The online user continued: 'I was taking my baby out to places the third day she was home. Honestly if she is providing a source of food for her child and checking in then it shouldn't be anyone's business. Y'all love to tear other moms down and it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm pretty sure you don't like when people try to mom shame you so why are you doing it to Shay.' 

Shay has been friends with Drake for quite some time, with the beauty sharing photos from his celebrations last year online. 

And besides the trolls, Matte took to social media on Friday to share a sweet shot of his daughter.   

'My Family I can’t explain the comfort in knowing she has someone as amazing as you to show her the way. I love you @shaymitchell.' 

Shay announced she had delivered her daughter on Sunday 20th October and accompanied it with a YouTube video of her birth on Monday. 

The Pretty Little Liars alum took to her social media on Friday of herself getting a post pregnancy full body massage while Matte was seen holding their daughter.  

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