Shoukran Mortaja Explains Why She Has a Swollen Face During Home Quarantine

Published March 26th, 2020 - 08:06 GMT
Shoukran Mortaja

Syrian actress Shoukran Mortaja went live on Instagram yesterday, to spread some positive thoughts to her 2.2 million followers, and to share how to deal with Coronavirus after Syrian authorities have confirmed the first case in the country.

While Mortaja was laughing and having fun with her followers, she was surprised by more than one question about her childlessness, marriage, and other personal matters.

One of the followers asked Shoukran why her face is swollen during home quarantine, and the Syrian artist immediately replied that the real reason lies in her taking doses of cortisone prescribed by the doctor, because she suffers from nerve inflammation and this led her face to swell.

Shoukran said: “I don’t eat a lot, and every day I have been taking a 5-gram cortisone pill for the past seven months, and still there are another seven months to go.”

The Syrian star is known for her candor, so she showed the medicine to her followers, and said: "My medication left me fatter and I advise .. cortisone is a disaster."

Mortaja continued: "Even if I wasn't beautiful, I would not be upset ... but I know myself that I am beautiful."


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