Shoulda seen it coming: Ahlam sued for libeling and slandering Arabs Got Talent's Yasmina!

Published March 10th, 2015 - 01:40 GMT

Since appearing on Arabs Got Talent (AGT) season 4, Egyptian contestant Yasmina's voice has been a hot topic of debate for Arab stars and anyone who's heard her unique voice.

While everyone, including the AGT celebrity judges Najwa Karam, Ali Jaber, Ahmed Helmy and Nasser al Qasabi, unanimously agreed on Yasmina's voice as "something else," UAE singer Ahlam begged to differ.

No surprise there! The bitter Emirate singer is critical of almost everyone and everything, and while Egyptian superstar Hani Shaker and other celebrities quickly came to Yasmina's defense and engulfed her with their love and support, Ahlam described her voice as "strong but lacking in emotions."

Meanwhile, Egyptian journalist Mohammad Ghaity was having none of it, following a heated debated with Ahlam on the ongoing issue. His response was to file a lawsuit against the starlet, in which he demanded she pays him $262 thousand UAD in "damages." He accused Ahlam of libel and slander against the 16-year-old contestant, while referring to Ahlam as "fake, inside and out."

Ahlam found his attempt to sue her hilarious, despite the Egyptian public prosecutor setting a court hearing for June 9. 

She told ghaity that if it's money he was after, she would have given it to him as "charity" without him having to go through all this.

"You curse me and file a lawsuit against me!! Are you stupid? If you want the two million Egyptian pounds you should have just said so from the beginning, I would have paid them to you as charity," Ahlam tweeted.

Yasmina may not have won Arabs Got Talent on Saturday night, but she is certainly a rising star in millions of people's eyes across the Middle East.

Who will come out victorious in this court battle? Let's hope it isn't the person we all love to hate!


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