Singer Amar Sends Out a Message to Jamal Marwan: LEAVE ME ALONE!

Published January 6th, 2021 - 12:54 GMT
Singer Amar Sends Out a Message to Jamal Marwan: LEAVE ME ALONE!

Lebanese singer Amar, 34, has opened up about her alleged ex husband Jamal Marwan in her latest interview with Tammam Bleick on Al-Jadeed TV.

At first Amar stated that she didn't only love Jamal Marwan, 53, but adored him in the past, especially since her father was killed when she was one year old.

Jamal Marwan does not acknowledge paternity of his son after 10 years of Amar battling to prove the opposite, and because she was born an orphan, she said that she doesn't want history to repeat itself with her son.

During the episode, Amar requested to send out a special message to Jamal Marwan via the show.

She told him: "I don't want your conscience to wake up, and my son and I don't want anything from you, but only one thing is to leave me alone."

The Lebanese singer continued saying that Jamal Marwan wants to see the mother of his child broken and humiliated, and that he keeps on hiring people to hurt her.

Amar admonish the media and journalists and even her country Lebanon as non of them tried to sympathise with her son or support them, on the contrary she was kicked out of Lebanese court unlike the support she'd received from the Egyptian judiciary.

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