This Egyptian Mother Just Became a Social Media Sensation

Published August 27th, 2017 - 12:00 GMT
She's quite hilarious, actually. (YouTube / Sherine Arafa)
She's quite hilarious, actually. (YouTube / Sherine Arafa)

Stuck in Cairo’s traffic on 6th October bridge, our new favorite social media star was overwhelmed by the amount of billboards promoting new shows and was inspired to start her own series of drama — with a tripod and a wig.

Sherine Arafa, daughter of famous director Sherif Arafa, just happens to be the latest viral starlet and there’s a reason for that. From videos about women being pressured into marriage to fellow mommies interfering in the way you’re raising your child, the hilarious Arafa keeps surprising us with videos that every woman can easily relate to. 

The mother of a 3-year-old boy started her career with fashion and jewelry design while living in Istanbul, as well as studying Parenting and Montessori teaching. Soon her obsession to create online content came to life. From script-writing to editing, her family’s background in cinema was of great help in the process.

“Everyone now is online every second of every minute of every day, so hopefully if you have good content that is entertaining and real you will build a good fan base that can relate to you. I am grateful that in less than two months someone other than my family are giving me 10 minutes of their day,” Arafa told us.

The viral videos discuss topics that Arafa wonders about or experienced that makes her either really happy or seriously pissed off. “Our culture somehow allows our society the right to judge and create stereotypes out of nothing. My content stands out because it’s real, not complicated and funny, not that I think I’m funny. I don’t take it seriously, it’s not like I’m saving lives, I just love creating,” Arafa explained.

Arafa believed due to the nature of her topics, her target audience would be women. To her surprise, she found out that men also liked her videos as well, tagging their wives, sharing and starting discussions.

Whether you’re being pressured into marrying the first man your aunt wants you to

Or having your inner-feminist screaming every night in bed because your brother is treated differently from you

Or maybe when your husband’s reaction to your pregnancy was a tantrum rather than a river of happy tears

Or if you’re constantly feeling nauseous by social media wannabes, this girl gets us all and we love her

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