Somaya El Alfy Knew About Late Husband Farouk Al-Fishawy's Sexual Relationships.. and Was FINE With It! (Video)

Published November 25th, 2019 - 01:49 GMT
El Alfy said: "I did not consider his physical betrayal as a betrayal"
El Alfy said: "I did not consider his physical betrayal as a betrayal"

Egyptian actress Somaya El Alfy unveiled many secrets about the details of her relationship with late husband and actor Farouk Al-Fishawy, as she revealed on the program Wahed Min Annas (One of The People), with media anchor Amr Ellithy.

Somaya cried on air saying: "His adventures were many, and when I asked him which one was better than me, he didn't respond, but he got upset because I had questioned myself."

El Alfy continued: "I did not consider his physical betrayal as a betrayal, that's why I used to forgive him. If I ever felt that he betrayed me with his feelings, if he loved somebody else, this would have been a matter with no solution."

She added: "I used to know that he was cheating on me, but I stayed quiet because I love him and I love my children and home. I was taking care of Farouk, and I didn't know if they will take care of him if he goes somewhere else."

Al-Alfy revealed for the first time the nature of the relationship that Farouq Al-Fishawy had with fellow actress Laila Eloui, and his acknowledged his love for her in a TV interview, saying: "Feelings are not in our hands, they loved each other and they did not deliberately hurt me with these feelings."

"Laila told me that Al-Fishawi has a sense of humor, but dealing with him was difficult, because he was naughty and loved women," Somaya El Alfy said.

Al Alfy also talked about their meeting at the mourning service of the late artist, stating: “I took Laila, hugged her and I said to her: our lover is gone!"


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