No pain, no game: Somaya El Khashab sheds off extra weight, looking sexier than ever

Published November 7th, 2013 - 04:00 GMT
Somaya's a skinny mini again! (Image: Facebook)
Somaya's a skinny mini again! (Image: Facebook)

Celebs are all about their talent first and looks second! Remember Egyptian actress Somaya El Khashab's excessive weight gain a few years ago? 

In an interview with journalist Yousid Al Husseiny on the TV show “Al Sadah Al Muhtaramoon” (Respectable People), Somaya spoke out about the reason behind her piling on the pounds and how she was able to shift them off.

Turns out Somaya suffered from a knee injury at the time, which forced her to take Cortisone, leading to her dramatic and fast weight gain.

The actress' much fuller figure was noticeable in her role on “Kayd Al Nisa'a” (Women's Vengeance), but has now returned to her normal-size body shape.

According to Laha Magazine, Somaya's determination and regular exercise routine were the key to her slimmer figure.

Somaya also spoke about critics and her thoughts on them; she stated that she doesn't care much for their negative criticism, especially for the one she received for her role in her latest film “Heen Maysara.”

According to El Khashab, the movie was one of the best to ever screen in the past period. It has achieved profits close to 23 million Egyptian Pounds.

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