Talk about being bitchy: Yemeni singer Arwa says Algerian women are all "SLUTS"!

Published December 25th, 2014 - 05:00 GMT

Yemeni singer and TV host Arwa has launched a vicious attack on Algerian women and men this week, after getting her claws out on the reality singing competition Arab Idol, and in particular on its Algerian contestant Jard.

The brazen star described all Algerian women as "sluts" and their men as "worthless" after being attacked by Jard's fans on social media, reported Al Jaras magazine.

Arwa has seriously got it in for this North African nation. In a verbal feud with Arab Idol 3's Jard, Arwa said that he must apologise to Lebanese superstar Ramy Ayach after butchering his song "Majnoon" (Crazy) on the show!

The rampant starlet then went on to say that the quality of voices on this year's Arab Idol weren't up to standard or even comparable to the great voices of last years' contestants.

Somebody please stop Arwa before she goes too far!

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